Fundraising and Events

Thank you for your interest in our wonderful products!

We have put together an easy option guide so you can decide what would be best for your fundraiser or event.

  1. Fluffy Stuff could come in and provide a full set up (staff, stock, all equipment) and in return we give you 20% of sales and a prize (generally 1 or 2 Mega buckets) towards a raffle or gift.
  2. You could charge us a stall fee and we will also donate a prize or gift to the committee. All sales on the day are then Fluffy Stuffs.
  3. We could provide you with wholesale bags and you could have your own stall and resell the bags for a profit.
  4. On information you provide us (people expected on the day and servings), we could quote you a day price to hand out floss free for the day.

Most clubs choose option 1 as the most convenient as we provide everything and only require power and a 3 x 3 m space on the day.

Option 2 is also good as you know exactly how much you will be receiving from a stall fee.

Option 3 is convenient if you have minimal space for selling areas and could be sold along with lines -perhaps in a tuckshop. You will make up to 50% profit of the pre sold stock which is a great revenue raiser.However, you would need to ensure you are not left with stock at the end of the day.

Option 4 is a wonderful idea if you are not looking to make a profit for the day. The cost of option 4 would include a full operational 3 x 3 powered site and staff to operate the machine. Full clean up so you don’t have to do anything!

As you can see the choices vary depending what you consider to be the best for your fundraiser/event. Fluffy Stuff-fairy floss is a registered business with a food licence and public liability.

We understand how important OH&S so we have all our machines and power equipment are tested and tagged.

Our staff are fully trained, professional and friendly.

If you have any further questions or ideas please don’t hesitate in contacting us using the form below!

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