Hello & Welcome to Fluffy Stuff – Fairy Floss!

Fairy floss, candy floss or cotton candy – it doesn’t matter what you call that fluffy stuff! We pride ourselves in making only the best fairy floss for markets, fetes, parties, fundraising, promotions and now you can even buy our fairy floss online.

We supply nineteen different flavours of fairy floss on sticks, in bags and in buckets. You can also purchase our premix sugar packs in all flavours so anyone with a fairy floss machine can make their very own homemade fairy floss!

Fluffy Stuff would also like to introduce our Fluffing Frosting, a white icing mix that magically transforms into your chosen colour and flavour when water is added!

To help you complete your fairy floss experience we also offer for purchase fairy floss cones and fairy floss bags (with optional labels displaying our ingredients).